Industry Academic Collaboration

Industry Academic Collaboration


Over the last 30 years, I have been involved with about 30 industry-academic collaborations. The scope of these projects has ranged from simple, 1-2 year sponsorships for graduate students, up to decade long collaborations involving multiple academic institutions around the globe. Consortia often involve several industry segments ... customers, competitors, even players from multiple industries. Success is not always easy to measure, and often may not become apparent until years later. In general terms, I would describe about 20% of these projects as outstanding successes. A roughly equal number have been unmitigated disasters, while the majority lie somewhere in between.

From this experience, I have evolved 4 guidelines that can deliver a more favorable excellent replica watches online uk distribution of outcomes.

How do participants benefit from industry-academic collaboration

A quick Google search reveals that much thought has been put into the matter of 1:1 cartier fake watches uk academic-industry partnerships, and there are many excellent publications available. However, for reasons that I will highlight later, the vast majority of these publications come from the academic side. In this article, I offer some thoughts from the commercial side.

Academia contains a lot of bright young minds, and many of the brightest older swiss replica watches uk minds. This is a potentially invaluable pool of intellectual capital, and it is often available at a price point below the prevailing market rate. Furthermore, even in the best run companies, there is a tendency to drink the corporate Koolaid. When you spend all day promoting your company’s technology externally, it’s hard to go back to the office and tell the product developers that they have it all wrong, and they need to try something different. Academic collaboration offers a refreshing avenue to access different thought patterns.

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